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  • Electro coating offers some significant advantages over Powder coating and Liquid spray system.
  • High Corrosion protection property – with stands 1000 hours Salt spray test as per ASTM B117 Standards.
  • The ability to give very even coating variation with 1-2 microns
  • It has the versatility to coat complex surfaces with high edge coverage for sharp objects which is not at all possible in powder coating or in Liquid spray system
  • There is no other Organic coating system that can be controlled with the film uniformity as it is in Electro coating system.
  • It is possible in this system for Pre-assembly of components before Coating
  • Automated process with conveyor for handling the components.
  • It has clarity, weather ability, color control, hardness, and stain and chip resistance
  • It has high gloss level compared to powder coated components
  • Closed loop rinsing allows transfer efficiency of more than 95% with radically reduced waste water streams
  • These are water based Coatings and they have very low volatile organic compounds.
  • They are designed to be heavy metal free with little Hazardous air pollutions and very low levels of organic solvents.
  • Electro coat technologies are Eco-friendly.



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