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We are using the 6th generation paint of PPG POWERCRON® 6000CX series with RoHS compliance.

  • POWERCRON 6000CX is an exceptional cationic epoxy electro coat product from PPG Industries that offers significant benefits for our industrial customers for Robust operation, excellent performance, reduced emissions, broad commercial approvals, and a one-component feed system.
  • POWERCRON 6000CX is known for its robust, simple operation. This product, compared to other commercial electro coat products, is more resistant to bath contamination and bacteria, and less prone to mapping, pin holing, and streaking.
  • POWERCRON 6000CX has excellent corrosion and chemical resistance. This product meets the performance requirements of the automotive body and small parts specifications without the use of heavy metals, namely lead and chrome. The resulting product is free of heavy metals in the coating film and in any effluent that is discharged from the system. This will allow painting operations to meet both the performance and environmental requirements of the automotive industry while at the same time eliminating the costs of hazardous waste disposal.
  • POWERCRON 6000CX is operated with limited solvent usage. The product is low in VOC and HAPs-free. Other advantages are its good protective throw power resulting in an even film builds in recessed areas, smooth film appearance, and good top coat ability.
  • POWERCRON 6000CX is available in an easy to use, single component formulation. PPG makes use of propriety resin technology to deliver environmental advantages, exceptional performance, and automotive approvals in a single component, user friendly, feed package.
Standard Bake
20 Minutes at 200°F Metal Temperature
0.45 lbs. per gallon minus water (as supplied)
Heavy Metals



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