Painting Booth

JJ Coatings provides economical paint booth systems for the industrial requirements. Our paint booths are dry and wet type with down and side draft systems. The paint fume extraction fans are of high quality and the filter fabric used is of a very high quality ensuring high performance, low maintenance cost and is field proven. Our paint booth is environmentally safe. Each industrial dry filter is there specifically to meet the requirements in order to protect all the people in any industrial spray environment, while safeguarding all those working outside the paint booth. Our customized paint booths system allows the painters to achieve the highest quality finishes for their products whereby it will be able to effectively remove airborne paint particles to ensure uniform airflow.


Stoving Enamel Painting is based on alkyd-amino system. It is a premium quality product designed economically to impart hard durable & excellent protection to metal surface & good aesthetics look (gloss finish). It's similar to synthetic enamel except they cure through thermosetting resins i.e. on application of heat in an oven at 120C for 30 minutes stoving schedule. The alkyd-amino resins have good flexibility, adhesion and chemical resistance.

We recommend necessary pretreatment before application of stoving enamel to achieve best results. For MS Surface degreasing / de-rusting & Phosphating process with proper Rinsing arrangement is recommended. For the non-ferrous surfaces use suitable system and use Primer after degreasing.

After proper surface pretreatment apply the respective primer coat (30-45 microns) or Air drying cum Stoving primer surface. If necessary after putty filling do a second primer coat. Reduce the thickness of first primer coat by proper sanding. Recommended application viscosity is 22-26 Sec. Allow 10 minutes flash off. Then bake the painted material at 120 C for 30 minutes. Total thickness of the system recommended is 60-70 microns.

This system is mainly used in Industries manufacturing indoor applications viz, home appliances, electrical instruments, automobile spares, steel furniture and machinery parts etc.


A liquid painting or coating offers a diverse technology aimed at optimizing cosmetic finishes while still providing you with a highly durable finish. It's a solution consisting of binder, pigment, filler and solvent. The solvent provides the viscosity needed to meet the specified thickness of the layer and finish. We have a liquid painting installation with degreasing by means of steam, pressurized cabins, primer and drying in static furnace. It offers a wide range color palette, as well as a possibility for nearly limitless formulations. Liquid paint technology offers effective viable solutions on temperature limitations, protective applications on assembled parts or parts where powder coating is not feasible.

The advantages of liquid painting are that it can be applied in very thin layers, achieving a smoother, more aesthetic finish. They can be applied to non-conductive substrates, including wood and plastic, and can be cured at room temperature, esp. for coating heat-sensitive and large areas. Liquid painting has on-site color changes in its booth, whereby it is not practical with e-coat and powder coatings. They also are more flexible, as colors may be mixed on-site to given specifications.

It is ideal for plastics, composites, aluminum or other metal and non metallic components that need cosmetic finishes or have highly functional end uses. It finds the application in fields such as the automotive industry, plastic components and special range of color applications is absolutely indispensable.


Heat resistant painting or coatings are specially prepared to withstand high heat temperatures for prolonged period of time. It poses a composition of Silicone resin, heat resistant pigment, extenders, blends of aromatic solvents and suitable additives. The presence of silicone resins increase heat resistance of paints as result of which the paint will not degrade or tarnish quickly as compared to the conventional paints or coatings.


  • Provides protection to walls.
  • Prevents corrosion and rust formation on the surface beneath the paint.
  • Withstand high temperatures up to 400 to 1200C and doesn't breakdown.
  • It reduces the chances of fire and protects buildings from any possibilities of irreparable damages.


  • Duct work & Chimney stacks
  • Boiler fronts
  • Petro-Chemical & Water Tanks
  • Piping and Furnace Structure
  • Kitchen Equipments